“Grow the Force” Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

In June 2008, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Seattle District awarded Bristol a $12.8 million, firm-fixed price Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) contract located at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. This Standard Medium TEMF, the first task order (seed project) awarded under the Northwest Regional MATOC, included the design-build of a 35,290-square-foot (SF) facility with 20,639-square yards (SY) of hardstand area for 230 military vehicles.

Bristol constructed this TEMF using a pre-engineered metal building with granite stone insulated panels and CMU) wainscot. This building constructed for the maintenance, repair, and storage of heavy military tactical vehicles and equipment, has a 96-foot clear span, a 10-ton overhead bridge crane, and features 10 bays, each with motorized overhead coiling doors. A maintenance pit provides provisions for five different types of fluid distribution. Additional features for each repair area include an outlet to a vehicle exhaust evacuation system and access to NIPERNet and SIPRNet data connection points. This facility contains a COMSEC vault, a weapons vault, and a non-sensitive secure storage area. It has separate rooms for general office space, tool storage, conference, training, small item repair, men/women latrines, as well as other dedicated spaces. Training rooms are designed to accommodate open space with reconfigurable walls and partitions. 

Situated on the hardstand are one oil storage building and one hazardous waste storage building, each 120 SF as well as a 6,081 SF organizational storage building. Our team designed all of the storage structures as simple rectangular forms with shed roofs to reduce the number of gutters and thus reduce maintenance for USACE.

864th Engineering Battalion Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

As a task order (TO) under the Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC), USACE Seattle District contracted Bristol to design and construct an $8.7M 18,000-square-foot (SF) Small TEMF at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The TEMF houses operations for the purpose of maintaining and repairing vehicles. The facility includes a large open area with a 10-ton crane for working on vehicles inside the building; additional rooms for the administrative personnel; mechanical; electrical; and communication areas; and latrines. The facility utilizes a pre-engineered metal that was selected to provide maximum cost savings to the government, as well as minimize lead time and maximize efficiency in construction. The building sits on a reinforced concrete slab with overhead roll-up doors and a seamed metal roof. 

In addition to the TEMF, the project included the construction of three outbuildings (2,800 SF organizational storage building, 131 SF petroleum oil and lubricants [POL] and a 131 SF hazardous waste storage building). The contracted duration for both the design and construction of the facility was 365 days. Bristol was able to meet this short duration by splitting the schedule into two packages – civil/structural and vertical package. This allowed the team to begin work on the site before the vertical package was complete, giving the team the ability to successfully complete the project in the 365-day duration.