About Bristol


The Bristol Alliance of Companies (Bristol) is a group of Alaska Native-owned, small business and 8(a) companies eligible for direct awards. Our companies have large bonding capacity and a long history of excellent partnerships with the military, government organizations, and private industries across the United States. Our projects are completed safely, with exceptional quality, on schedule, and within budget. We pride ourselves on being solution-based, focused on delivering projects from beginning to end, and we are committed to building lasting relationships that reflect our hard work, ingenuity, and dedication to safety.

Each Bristol company is wholly owned by Bristol Industries, LLC (BI) an Alaska Native Company. BI is jointly owned by Choggiung Ltd. and Bristol Bay Native Corporation.

About Choggiung

Choggiung Limited is a village corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Based in Dillingham, Alaska, Choggiung is the largest village corporation in the Bristol Bay region that serves approximately 2,100 shareholders. www.choggiung.com

About Bristol Bay Native Corporation

Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) is a responsible Alaska Native investment corporation dedicated to the mission of “Enriching Our Native Way of Life.” Established through ANCSA, BBNC works to protect the land of Bristol Bay, celebrate the legacy of its people, and enhance the lives of its shareholders. www.bbnc.net

Our Homepage Photo

The image overlooks Snake Lake in the Bristol Bay region, and was captured by Misty Nielsen, a Choggiung Ltd. and BBNC shareholder.

Our Mission

We are committed to building lasting relationships that reflect our hard work, ingenuity, and dedication to safety. Every employee has an impact on our success, which benefits the Native culture, land, and people of the Bristol Bay region.

Our Values

Our growth and success is driven by the ingenuity of our diverse workforce.

Our work builds communities, conserves resources, and sustains our nation’s great places.

Our work reflects our company, our people, and our future.

Our highly skilled and professional team members work together to  grow Bristol businesses and consistently meet our clients’ needs.

Our teams depend on each other to perform their jobs with integrity and make smart, safe, and efficient decisions for our clients and for Bristol.

Our culture rewards honesty and transparency, and when issues arise, we are open with our clients and coworkers and work together to find a solution