ROE Management Database

Umyuaq Consulting Group (UCG) developed a right of entry (ROE) database that is designed around the iterative process of obtaining ROE from landowners within a Formerly Used Defense Site’s boundary in Waimea, Hawaii. Working closely with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Honolulu District, a web-based management system and Map Viewer was created to track the ROE status for each parcel. The ROE Management Database stores activities associated with obtaining ROE at a parcel, including:

  • Document communication with landowners.
  • Create and store ROE materials (transmittal letters, ROE permits, etc.).
  • Track the delivery status of letters.
  • Track the timelines between notifications (in accordance with USACE standards).
  • Maintain the ROE status of parcels.
  • Generate custom parcel maps that can be used for correspondence and as a locational reference in the field.
  • View activities and the ROE status of parcels and mailing events through an interactive Map Viewer.

The Map Viewer provides project managers with an at-a-glance understanding of the ROE status for a project and includes interactive features to obtain specific parcel details. The reporting features of the database help project managers quickly document the ROE status of a project and complete upward reporting tasks.