Bristol Environmental Solutions, LLC

Bristol Environmental Solutions, LLC, (BES) provides a wide range of munitions response, operational range clearance and maintenance and environmental services.

Bristol Infrastructure Design Services, LLC

Bristol Infrastructure Design Services, LLC, (BIDS) provides a full range of services including civil, transportation, structural, environmental, arctic, and coastal engineering; inspection services; construction project management; and permitting and planning services.

Bristol Prime Contractors, LLC

Bristol Prime Contractors, LLC, (BPC) provides highway, street and bridge construction. Capabilities include bid build and design build of highways, streets, roads, airport runways and bridges. Services include new construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Bristol Site Contractors, LLC

Bristol Site Contractors, LLC, (BSC) offers a wide range of construction services, including site preparation activities, vertical and secure construction; excavating and grading; demolition; and range and UXO construction support and removal services.

Umyuaq Consulting Group, LLC

Umyuaq Consulting Group, LLC (UCG) professionals have more than 30 years of experience designing and executing strategic communication and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions for federal agencies engaged in environmental and military munitions work. UCG executes small- to large-scale projects throughout the 50 states, territories and commonwealths of the U.S.